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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


yes yes everyone hates JarJar
Now Kill The Ewoks!!!
p.s. I would have given you a humor score but the whole JarJar thing is old

I liike him but aside from that,

I like star wars but aside from that, this game is cool!
"If yousa thinka you can beat me...!"

Wtf is wrong with mine

It was fun and all but i think something is wrong with mine, it wont hit the guys in the back row.

definately needs crosshairs.

Needs a bit more blood. If you could like have it stain the ground or something, this game would be better to us phsyco newgrounders.

it was ok

good game...it needed more violence....and cross hairs ITS HARD TO HIT THE GUYS WAY IN THE BACK.
DEATH TO THE JAR-JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!