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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

I get to kill the worst Star Wars character, yay!

Jar Jar Binks sucks, (and everyone knows it.) I mean he was so terrible, the whole Star Wars saga would be for little kids (then all of kids,teenagers,adults, and oldpeople would be screwed by liking Star Wars.) All ages is what it always was man!

I think C-3PEO is the best
Star Wars character.


This was fun, but nothing new or very interesting

The ramones and a chimney roasting...

It dosent get better than that especially killing those Smurfs.
How I hate smurfs...

this were absolute shit

who made this? put them on the website so i can assassinate THEM. i could have been watching the powder puff boys while doing this, this fucking game gave me a comp killing virus, I AM COMPLAINING.


like the dude beforme said: it is boring

if you make a game next time try to make it funnier