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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"


Nothing really to say about this.

It was a decent shooter.

Didn't like killing Jarjar Binks, he's my hero. :(

Good job.


what is the total piont of it i mena jarjar binks i mint

For some reason

This game was some-what interactive. But hey, jar-jar is hell of pimp, why would you make a game killing him!?

Not bad

I found that pretty funny, especially when Jar Jar says "Yousa Suck". I have no idea why I find that funny, I just do. Quite a challenge actually, and graphics are pretty good. Too bad the Star wars music doesn't play all the way through though.

Its good but kinda hard

Why can't the thing just go up stay there for like 10 sec
so I can shoot him after I'm done with another one???
Its really hard!!!!!!!!!