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Reviews for "Gun Down the Gungan"

Thank You

That Gungan fuck had it coming. Awesome Game dude!

Aim Bad Dead Jar-Jar GOOD!

The title Explained it all, the aiming was bad but blowing Jar-JAr Binks into pieces was great.


I FUCKING HATE JAR JAR! Thank-you for allowing me to shoot the shittles out of him. and I got a jedi master ranking. how good is that?


Thank you! Someone finally makes an anti-Jar Jar flash! LOL And the things he says are hillarious!

Great if you hate Jar Jar.

That was great. Jar Jar sucks ass, he ruined Star Wars. Okay, all you fagbags can disagree, but I HATE Jar Jar! I grew up with Star Wars, and Episode I was ruined because of Jar Jar and fart jokes. I love Star Wars, but I will never forgive george Lucas for the "Gungan Catastrophe". Anyway, if you hate Jar Jar, I highly recommend this game.