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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

So I didn't do good at all on the monkey game, scoring about 5000 each time, then I just ran and spam clicked spacebar and scored almost 3mil... WTF

Well.. It starts out more promising than 2, the map's a bit more colorful and the UI's nicer but it's now an even bigger clusterf*ck of a maze and unlike the 1st game the minigames in this one are literally f*cking impossible due to only being programmed for old PCs making them run way too fast and the controls way too sensitive. To be honest I'm kind of amazed that out of all the Mausland series this one got progressively worse with each game, at this rate I'll be surprised if the 4th one even loads at all.

Funny thing is I can't even enter the amusement, the control is kind of annoying, and the mini-game is too hard. I don't expect much from a game made from 15 years ago.

the monkey is an enemy

I remember this was all over the free flash games sites in my country because the webmasters obviously didn't play enough to realize it was a porn game :) Good times.