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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"


I loved the first 1,second too,but this one is the best!But something is missing...
1.Why are there no moving enemies(like bees from FA1 or bombardment from FA2)
2.U should really add some Dragon Ball Z characters
3.Some chicks have totally unreal pussys
4.The monkey game is too hard(but luckily i passed it)
5.How do i get blue-striped-grunt-meal for the white chic?Ihave doeeverything else,but cant find the meal?!

Anyway,great game Wiesi and mausland,u all rule!!!!!!

Hell yeah!

This was soo cool. Those nudie pictues are better than real porn! The Monkey game ruined my life but it was easy once i got a pattern going.


this game is the bomb but i can't find the 6th chik and the braclet is in the dolphin show u have to fish to get it

Fuckin awsome!!!

Yea this was by-far the best franks adventure, but in number 4 u should have it so u have to find 10 pics or something. but other then that this game was awsome!!


hot naked anime girls are always good in my book ;)