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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

Most of the game is pretty good, but the monkey game within a game makes this SUCK!

I also hear people complaining about the monkey game, it is quite hard to get your timing right at full speed. Open some other programs in the background, run them in real time, and turn the priority of your browser window right down to "Idle only" - this'll slow the game riiiiiiiiiiight down.

I used to do this, and played the monkey game so slowly, it reacted to every single keypress with near-expert timing ('cos I had so much time to plan my jumps precisely), and just kept going from screen to screen...I got the x10 multiplier so many times that my final score was some 20-digit number! xD

So if you're having trouble with the monkey game, just do what I said to make the game run slower, then you'll be able to get that high score! ;D

I hear a lot about people getting annoyed with the monkey game so you're not gonna be happy with me...
After jumping across ten or fifteen screens you get a bonus of a x10 score multiplier... I got it twice.
I laughed when I saw my score... 1,371,671,660.
A bit overkill, eh?

Monkey game is far too difficult, the controls for it are clunky and 100,000 point requirement is entirely unreasonable.

Awsome game, but i gatta know: what's the name of song D?