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Reviews for "Franks Adventure 3"

This is pretty much unbeatable due to the difficulty of the monkey minigame. maybe it worked better on older computers, but it's just impossible now.

I swear I use to play these in middle school and I couldn't get through any of them. The third one is even harder than the 4th. Plus, the fishing game was kinda annoying.

played a lot of this years ago

Okay, the monkey minigame is actually doable.

I liked the fishing minigame.

Great!! With some art and animation it would be even better! About the amusement park (you need to upload some pics first before you can enter), the games are really fun but crazy difficult. I managed to make 100 000 pts in the car game but the guy didn't give me any pic. Then I played the game with the coind and after wining 0 coins he gave me the pic.... Something isn't right xD Yet, it was a blast, hope to see Frank again.