Reviews for "last chance..."

Great work.

Very nicely done. I love the raining piano. I always have said that pianos work really well with beats, and this just goes to prove that. Classical with a techno edge, love it. Keep it up!

groovatron responds:

Great work 10

couldn't be happier, thanks!


Sounds like something that would be on Donkey Kong Country

groovatron responds:

thanks man

Very Good

like the beat and melody. works perfectly.5/5

groovatron responds:


i like

i dont know if i gave it 10 for the sound or cause it is called last chance, as my halloween sub. just so happens to be called.

groovatron responds:

i don't mind either way, you gave me a 10!


i like it. i dont know what "johnLeprechaun" is talking bout. no hip hop there.

nice work 10/10


groovatron responds:

thats what i was thinking, lol. thanks for review.