Reviews for "last chance..."

i like it

you know i like sex ^^


I like it but It kinda made me sad. Isn't a last Chance suppose to be a moment of making things right? This song is cool but the title should change. Good work on the song. ^_^

groovatron responds:

well the last chance was meant to be one which involved sacrafice as well as the chance to do something so thats why its a little sad ;)


This definitely sounds like it should be used at the end of a game... As the long list of credits roll... pictures of things you did during the game show up on the left side of the screen. This song would make me keep the credits rolling FO SHO!


This song is so worldly, it's like you wrote the song after traveling around the world, after seeing everything and made this song after your travel.

I am new to this site, and i love music and i am planning on making a song in this style.

By all means keep this work up!
-All the best!

groovatron responds:

thanks and pm me when/if you make one so i can have a listen :).

Nice job

I really like the piano in this piece, and you did a great job with giving the song a 3D feel by the use of reverb and panning. Also great job with the instrument choices, I really enjoyed them. I just have one suggestion for you and that is to tone down that synth sounding instrument and increase the volume on the piano and really bring it out in the song and also maybe vary up that drum beat a little bit... but overall, great job! It sounds amazing! :D



groovatron responds:

yh lol i suk at mixing really bad. my speakers have a unique sound which doesnt help. thanks for review :)