Reviews for "last chance..."

Very inspirational piece

This is very inspirational, almost makes me feel like I can do anything. In fact, I think I might jump out the window of a third story building after listening to this. Maybe I'll stand in front of a train and try to stop it. I bet you I can even fly after listening to this.

I really enjoyed your use of dynamics on the piano on this track, and the the mesh between the bassline and other instruments. It all works nicely. I did feel some repetitiveness at some points as the song progressed, but you did add enough within the different parts that I didn't really bore. Like I said, real inspirational, good job.

groovatron responds:

thanks for your lengthy review. You think its inspirational!! thank you


liked it... but whats with the face in the video?

this brought a tear to my eye

THIS SUX!!! psych! it's actualy very good. i loved the piano. very skilled.

groovatron responds:

haha thanx


Man that had a nice beat, I've listened to it a lot now and decided to write a review.

Great job man. make more.

good work

go one make more

groovatron responds:

ill try my best!