Reviews for "last chance..."


Not bad actually. I mean the song seemed to have me guessing where it was gonna go next with the beat. And to my suprise I was surprised to say the least. It's nice and smooth and isn't rushed at all and seems to fit perfectly for this installment.

Overall great work and I give 9/10 and I'll give a vote of 5
Keep up the great work!!

groovatron responds:

thanks for vote and review. ive never heard that before so thanks.


This song is very compelling. I can't stop listening to this. Like it goes on forever. Wow. I am utterly captivated. Kudos to you!


BTW, my vote made this climb fro a 4.37 to 4.4...this surprised me.

groovatron responds:

wow you must a a heavy vote. ty. yes ive noticed that.

yeah, addictive...

Been listening to it for over an hour by now and can't get enough of it... It has a sad feeling to it, at least that's what i feel listening to it for the 'n'th time. Anyways, great job :>

groovatron responds:

WOW!! an hour. im not sure its that good but thanskl very much

addictive to tha MAXXXXXXXXXXX

DUDE this is well and trully addictive

groovatron responds:

YEEEHHH!!! i can listen to it ages


very well done, i likes very much. Not what i usually listen to, i like fast, upbeat trance, but this is very soothing. Very well done. :D BRAVO. lol do a trance or techno remake and ill love you forever!
9/10 5/5

groovatron responds:

great you liked it. ill give the remix some thought tho i know some people intend to remix it so keep an eye out.