Reviews for "Max Payne 1"

um dude..

im a jew. it so happens that i thought it was funny. jews make fun themselves all the time. even then, that wasnt a bad insult. believe me ive heard worse.

burtonearny responds:

Hurray, someone intelligent has arrived! It wears me out to think that so many people are stupid enough to take any slightly stereotypical joke ultra-seriously... the most offensive joke I have on ng is in my 'The Bible' animation. It involves Jews, but Jews did not review me with hate, Christians did, about things that I joked about involving Jesus, not the Jewish joke. May be a myth, but the Jews do seem to be very clever in general, at least compared to Christians

You goddamn anti-semite!!!

Don't you dare even dis jews. Why'd you have to add that in you asshole, it was unnecessary! Its not funny. They are people too, you have no right to make fun of them.

burtonearny responds:

It wasn't exactly supposed to be hilarious, I just like the stereotypical 'Woody Allen' voice, and thought I would use it for the hell of it. Thanks for telling me that they are people too though, for years I thought that the Jewish were a group of apricots, but you really cleared that up for me, thank you.

I dunno...

I thought the only funny joke was the key joke, but thats my opinion...the voice was funny though.


I have the game and this was just brilliant! I know how frustrating it is with his monotone voice but this really made fun of it...very funny!

What the hell was that?

It wasn't funny; it didn't appeal to me at all. I don't get it. I rather someone use the "Payne" character, and create a game on newgrounds. That would be kinda cool, that is if someone did that.

burtonearny responds:

The game is already good... what would be the point?