Reviews for "Max Payne 1"

whoah that was so funny

i know the story intro of max payne and this is wicked it just a shame it to danm short very clever how you have voiced it and the audio the drawing are excellant too stuff i couldnt stop laughing

burtonearny responds:

Next one is longer, go watch!

Very nice drawings..

probably took you age's!

burtonearny responds:

Erm... they aren't mine!

((( HAHA )))

Ha that was great, i thuaght it was from the game but i listened heh it was funny as hell, really great job on putting this together, max payne forever...


burtonearny responds:


cool but boring

The idea is nice.. but the voice of max... It's so boring.. and the only thing you did yourself were the text balloons..
I'l give you a 5 just because I like the payne games..

burtonearny responds:

Max's voice is boring... have you not heard him speak in the game?


heheh,i think Max Payne is awsome!This movie kicksass too!Are you going to make a max payne 2?I hope so,keep up the good work!


burtonearny responds:

Yes, hence 'To Be Continued'