Reviews for "Max Payne 1"


That was awesome! The voice was hilarious. I loved how he was so unemotional about everything. I can't wait for the rest of this. Keep up the good work.

burtonearny responds:

Unemotional, just like in the game. The only time he shows emotion is when he finds his dead wife and cries 'NOOO!'. But the picture there looks funny, so it kinda spoils it! Oh well!

Max payne Sucked, But this DIDN'T!

Yeah man, I rented Max payne, Absolutely hated it. I couldn't stand the game, it just moved so slow, the comic book part of the game was ok in that cheesy way. But YOUR spoof is the shit. I'd rather sit and watch your spoof 3 times in a row, than ever play that god awful max payne again.

burtonearny responds:

I bought it and never got past the subway levels... I either suck at it or it is very hard. Anyway, yea, it's a crap game.

that was mad funny

i wanna c part 2

how is that rasist aganist jewish people supershitscooper if jewish people rnt a race

ther a religion u dumb fuck

burtonearny responds:

Yay, the clever people are here!

not good

make it more funny

burtonearny responds:

I suppose I could just put a picture of carrot top in. Although that is more horrifying than funny.

sucks and boring

snooze fest '04

burtonearny responds:

The rockin'est show on earth.