Reviews for "NG Time Trial III: SE"


lol, Wtf were u smoking? nice...


Not too bad, not too bad at all. I'm all the more taken aback by the fack that this was created in three days.
It's got a nice errie feel to it, possibly similar to a David Lynch film, if he were ever to make a fantasy film. And the basic colour scheme added to the gothic undertones.
Nice use of music, might i add. Did you use music from other Newgrounds artists (bar the introduction, of course)?
Anyway, well done, i like it.

D responds:

yeah the music is by Evil-Dog and Dreamscaper from the audio portal.

Love it

They style is totally unique... The Lack of color adds to the effect and the music is definantly the mood setter...

amazing at how quickly you were able to animate something so well done.

not bad

its good i like it pretty good keep it up


A really good movie, very impresive, for a 3 day flash movie and that only has red, black, white and grey, I want to know how it will end ;)