Reviews for "NG Time Trial III: SE"


amazing abstract work. music was beautiful. great job, you don't need a group, you did a great job yourself. can't wait to see the next part, hope there is one.

Good flash...

...funny thing is this fash has perhaps scored more that all the other time trials! And I think it deserves its score! Unlike the other trials, this is just your work and no flash amateur is lowering your score. I really do like it! Its odd.. but that amkes all the difference.

I love all the time trials. Maybe you'll be in the enxt one for real :P I hope so!

good job

Definately a worthy entry, glad you decided to publish it on your own anyway.. Looks great, and I actually found the wierdness quite refreshing. Great Job!



pretty good me thinks! wierd tho but very cool at times deserving of sum kind of reward

This is neat.....

Pretty cool graphics could be longer but its ok.