Reviews for "NG Time Trial III: SE"

Evolutionary flash

Simply the best among the time trial submissions, but equally interesting as a stand-alone. Very smooth fitting together of graphics and sound, but the most convincing part to me about this was the nicely passed flow of the story - a constant up and down, with short interruptions representing the choices along the way to paradise (or down the path of life) that make for a well-balanced viewing experience. I hope you will somehow preserve this rhythm in your next installment.

NOt that good

What an anti-climax! After he got the sword I excpected a lot more....


There are two reasons of many why I gave this AWSOME movie a 10...

1. The sounds and animations were REALLY COOL!

2. It reminded me of Glover for Nintendo 64, which used to be one of my favorite video games


Good job man, you did a wonderful job here, clap clap buddie, it is better you submitted it by yourself, becuase it's score would most likely get dragged down by the over flashes ;), well this was strangely entertaining, the animation was great, the, only thing that disapointed me was it ended to soon, but i know it would have been hard to do ALL that in just 3 days.


Very, very nice work, Sr Gonzales.

muy muchos gracias por el cine, Sr Gonzales.
I'm flabbergasted.
I'm very impressed by the quality of illustration, of animation, and excellent implementation of skill within the limitations of the short deadline combined with constraints on choice of coloration.
I can't tell if this film is brilliantly telling an irrational story using a language beyond logic, illogically using a story language irrational beyond brilliant, beyond stories without irrational logic, RANDOM, outSane? or if I'm ev3n m4k!ng 4ny 5ENS3 @ 411?(sorry. I don't mean to shout...)
I'd like to see more of this story.
I have learned an increible amount about pacing, framing, script-writing and animating, just by watching this piece with close attention.

I'm going to watch the other films you have on the Portal right now!
-Sr Calina del Carne deVaca