Reviews for "NG Time Trial III: SE"

It blew my mind! O_o

Fucking kick ass! Very very good, congrats on the daily feature!


Damn Good

That was amazing , i am shocked that something that good could be done in 3 days!!!!!!

I loved the idea and the music pushed the animation in uber greatness.

Your animation was the best of this time trail

Impressive !

Dude, that was neat !
Very artistic and well done. I liked the story...the line...becoming a sphere...becoming a human...in a weird place...in a quest for paradise huh ? all that with a good respect of the color limitation. Good choice on Dreamscaper's music (my fav audio artist) and thanks for picking one of my pieces I'm honored to contribute to such a good and hard worked creation.
There were nice details like the raising blood level :D The frame-by-frame animations were also awesome...the part where the face in the rock gives our main character a sword throught his mouth...that's the kind of idea that makes me say "wow..." I gotta tell ya, it's impressive man.
Continue this story I wanna see the rest :)


D responds:

It was my first time actually looking at the audio portal, and I was impressed with the quality of some of the music. The moment I heard both of the songs, I knew I had to use them. So thanks for making it :) I didn't think anyone would catch the raising blood level, and the rock face is my favorite part. Well now I can continue it(with out a deadline) and have even more details! Thanks for the review.

really good

This was really good for 3 days, cant wait for the conclusion!

My god that was good...

Great animation, great art, loved the world creation and story. Bravo!