Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"


i dont what that dude was thinking not original man i loved it has to be one of the best old school anime tributes ive seen in a long ass time keep it up


Not original, but not terrible...

Uhuh DeusX, Riiiiiight.

This movie was good. It wasn't the best anime tribute around but it's alot better than what I can do at the moment. All the anime you used in it were good so that's kool too.

As for DeusX, the fuck you want idiot? As if your ass can animate. I bet you can't anime with you hand let alone your ass. As for DeusX the fuck you want idiot? If you can get a movie that a) gets a reward. and b) doesn't suck as much as your so called "Anime Stik" then maybe I would respect you a little more.

Anyway, great animation, and keep up the good work.


Extremely... Bland

I love anime. (Special_K0913x, you made my list. >.<) I'd love to go to an anime convention. But I'm not one for old school. Hmm... I guess I could discribe this as very bland, lackluster, and sometimes boring. At the same time, it was action packed, exciting, and nice. I know this is strange... But after pondering my feelings on this flash, I found out a better way to describe it:

Some moments were pretty good. Others, were just plane... bad. If not for the fact that the scene quickly changed, the crappulance of the animation would have grabed my attention more. But it was quickly diverted with another change of scene that wasn't so bad- but wait... this next ones bad! -NO ! This one is GREAT! - Wait.. ARGH! The people look like something I drew in Microsoft Paint in five minutes! - WHoa! That was awsome!

So, to sum it all up, the animation kept me in the sparkly-lackluster relm of limbo. I loved/hated it.

It's GOOD!

But what kind of loser goes to an anime convention. *Shivers knowing he's pissed off every nerd on Newgrounds* I mean, this was great! Japanimation rocks!