Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"


I love anime, but this was just boring. It had it's good moments, but it makes me *yawn*


vry good , keep it up. kool. make more. i also angry astro boy WAS fat. hehe


wow...that was pretty good, except for astroboy...he was fat...oh well, keep it up! oh and i kan make a cat! (>*-*<)
isn't it cool?

This is great

It's great to know that there are some people that really "KNOW" Anime and don't just think that they know everything.... Good Job and keep up the great animations!! ANIME IS THE BEST EVER!!

hey nice tribute thingy

dude this was awesome, it was long, but it was all awesome and i watched all of it, i have seen almost all of those cartoons in there, very nice man, very nice