Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

A nice AMV from scratch.

I myself found this to be a nice, refreshing take on the AMV's that are posted here on Newgrounds. It becomes very clear on the Mobile Suit Gundam part about how much quality and effort you actually put into this, especially since the art quality at that point was on par with the real show's.

Nice job is all I really have to say, and maybe make another one in the future, or consider making a Mobile Suit Gundam flash lol.


Can't go wrong with old school Anime...Even though there were two of them I dident like..

no way

Damb that is the most whack anime tribute i have ever seen.

good but not great

I liked the flash, but there are few of these anime shows that I haven't seen. Mobile suit gundam was my favorite part because it looked a little bit like the real thing. Where is Lupin the 3rd? How could you forget Fujiko.

Friggin' awsome!

At first, the graphics look kid of amatuer, but then the style just kind of works out by itself. Good job! Hope to see more stuff like this.