Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

that was good

It needed some better music but I liked it a lot.

one word: AWESOME

This was fucking great. I love it so much, I'm adding it to my favorites. It was awesome to see my favorite shows like like that. Awesome tribute. Keep up the good work!

Way to go!

Great job honoring old school anime with some awesome flash skills!

And... wtf?! An anime tribute without tracing?!?!



That was pretty good man! I love the finisher with astro boy. Most people who watch this will be new-wave anime folk who think old-school is stuff from the early nineties. They'll be all confused and whatnot, most likely getting bored. But I loved it. If it had voltron in it and Galaxy Express 999, I woulda been all set. It was great, anyways. Kudos!

That wasn't cool

I love anime and all but man that was boring as hell! I didn't even know half of those animes and it was still boring. The animation could have been MUCH better and it was way too long..