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Reviews for "Dress Link Up"

Huge Variety

that was pretty good. I'm impressed how this game has a lot of stuff you can use to dress up Link with. The art is great too.

pretty good overrall

darksytze is dum...lol he says there was no sound in it...lol

anyway good game!

Fun, but somewhat annoying...

I really enjoyed this game, but there were a few points that made me very frustrated. You have MANY options for pretty much every part of Link that is showing; however, it was very hard to get in and out between the ones I wanted and the ones I didn't want. Maybe a scrolling technique would be better than actual click and drag? As for the sound... while that was a great tune, MAN, I would have loved to have heard the original soundtrack in the background while I was working on Link. Keep it up, though, I like what you've shown us so far.

couldve been better

you should make a remake of this game

almost perfect

this could be better if u only had cloths that were just different colors and not covered in stars and crap 4 outta 5