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Reviews for "Dress Link Up"


There wer a lot of things at once on the screen and it cluttered it up. Perhaps create a seperate window that houses the clothes where you change what parts you want? Besides that it was well made and designed, solid work.


Too bad he only has a sword as a weapon,but its still awsome!


That was fun, but the music got really annoying after awhile

it's good

too much stuff though...

I absolutely love it but there a few things I would suggest to make it even better
-tabs for each category of clothes (shirts, eyes, hair, ect)
-click and gets put on for you
-a discard place for things you don't like so their not in the way.

All in all I adore your art, appreciate that you didn't turn his tights into pants (tights are sexy) and I hope you continue to make great things for us all to enjoy in.