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Reviews for "Dress Link Up"

Good job!

I really enjoy your work. Link kinda looks a bit pudgy for some reason though.

Lots of variety

I enjoyed it. First time around the music and about half of the clothing options didn't load though. After reading through the reviews I tried it again and got the rest of the outfits and the tune.

Link is cool

So dressing up link is always cool, first i want to comment on the "MENU" page it is pretty neat and nifty could use more images of link and such though, The thing about this is that you made all the same shapes of clothing and just cloned them and thats ok but people cant be creative enough with the same ol same ol product you need to add more unique and random stuff even some animated and odd stuff. There was alot of great things in this flash, some could be better like some little details here and there, but not much but still some stuff could take a looking into as suggested of course, the flash itself kept me interested and wanting to see more, so hope to see more of your works sometime soon. Untill then keep up the awsome work and efforts.

I thought you had a good game here there was some slight fixes and upgrades you can put in, nothing to take away from your flash, just a few tips to make things better. As mentioned above you need more unique items, more random stuff not just the same old cut outs, Work more on the backrounds, the plain or just white one is ok but would be much better if you had some sorta colored version or maybe have the user chose there own kind, like with the click of a button of some kind. Add some items more items and some that have animated stuff like blinking lights and eyes stuff like that.

pretty damn good

but... hey you shoulda had more things to put on him like a different shield or a different hat Xill~

very disapointing

u should have included more weapons ,differant shields ,backgrounds etc
oh and u shuld have used an old skool zelda tune