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Reviews for "Dress Link Up"

pretty damn good

but... hey you shoulda had more things to put on him like a different shield or a different hat Xill~

very disapointing

u should have included more weapons ,differant shields ,backgrounds etc
oh and u shuld have used an old skool zelda tune

Looked promising but....

I liked the artwork on Link, was very good. But as far as actually doing stuff it pretty much sucked. Would have been nice if you had a much larger variety of stuff to put on and more shields and swords, maybe even a bow.

This is the gayest game i played.

I would not play this game unless you like dressin up toys.


I love TLoZ but you just made it gay. VERY GAY!
Why is it gay?
Your dressing up a guy elf in clothes that have rainbows and stars on them.
Also the music is Zeldas lulliby, which is th love song ov Zelda.
And Your not dressing up a girl, (LIKE ZELDA, FORSAY?).

Your a faggot.
And the game sux.