Reviews for ".X. Welcome To The Matrix"


I can't write about how cool it is cuz thats already done...i can't write about what things you did wrong cuz i can't find anything....and i can't write about what you need to do better cuz it's already at its max so....all i can say is


10/10 5/5


XenoxX responds:

WoW thanks lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i <3 it

its awsome i want ANYONE who hates this song to....DIE IN FLAMES

XenoxX responds:

LOL Well so far no one seems to hate it lol... so no one need to die lol thanks for the review!!!!

Great, reel calming =]

I just love the feel over the entire song, i love the start and you manage to keep it going through the rest of the song, honestly i think it is your best song =]

Great soundquality man, i really enjoyed the pro''ness'' of this song, the melodies are in harmony with the beat, and its not that overused bassline most NG'rs tend to use =P

you use alot of different rythms in your melodies, in the same song, which contributed to keeping me interested to hear more, you also have some beautifull piano in there, which is great =]

The length of it is one thing tho, i ofc wont pull you for that, the song was to good to do so!

The intro where you started it off with some ballad (sry if mispell) piano and then introduce the lovely feeling of trance more and more, and break it down and introduce an entirly different melody with a very cool lead sound =] nice drums, nice bass sound(s) and all in all a great song =] great work on it!


This one really deserves it's spot on top 30, and i wish to congratulate you on achieving it =]

Great work man!


XenoxX responds:

WOOT Long review!!! lol yeah lol I know the length is a problem But meh I was surprised to see this on top 30 since it's one of my older song but lol I am happy that it did :D:D

nice use of words there Pro-ness lol That's a new one lol

The funny thing about this song is I started out with the melody that starts at 1:22 And I made the piano last... backwards from my normal style lol!

Anyways thanks for the review!!!!

Awesome work

this is great, nicely done! I love the way it sounds, keep up the good work!

XenoxX responds:

WOOT!! Thanks for the review!

Most important thing...

The most important thing in a song is variation. Without it, it is not a song, just... A looping melody. This however, is a full blown perfect song.
I can't think of any way to tell you how to imrpove so I will leave you on that note.
Congrats on top 30, by the way/

XenoxX responds:

I find most people think I should make it longer and some day I will lol But I have like 20 songs on the go so its hard o fit in time when i have school in like 3 days and work But I am doing my best lol Thanks for the review!!!!!!!!