Reviews for ".X. Welcome To The Matrix"


on DJ Tiesto or ParagonX9?

The best ive heard in a LONG time...

thanks for making a such a professional sound! dude, seriously, this was so good, it was kinda shocking that it's on newgrounds, and not in a badass rave club. PLEASE MAKE MORE! it blew my mind. the only thing that i have to say is in agreement with a few of the other reviews- it doesn't have much of anything to do with the matrix. and, once again, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS.

XenoxX responds:

It wasn't a reference to the movie at all lol... Just the name!

Thanks for the review!


the beginning was beautiful and onwards was perfection at its max, awesome song~!


Firstly i wanted to say, Great song.
Secondly I don't know why everyone else rates it down because they think about a stupid movie that made no sense. this song is probably not about the movie, and with no allusion to anything in it.

Ahhh. Love it.

10/10 For high quality sound, and a very nice, well rounded beat that never lets up.

Keep up the amazing work.