Reviews for ".X. Welcome To The Matrix"

finally got around to reviewing you back =P

cool intro. i like the piano a lot, and then the way the gate creeps in is pretty cool. at 0:45 to 0:55 you make a good transition, then when the steady rhythm kicks in it sounds pretty good, you have a good kick/clap combo going there. i would make the hat louder, but that's just me. it sounds like you put a solid amount of effort into this, and you were right about it sounding unique =) good going, 9/10 and 5/5


its a good thing im done w/ my tests. and i </3 zero bombers! i wish those childs will just kill themselves!!!
Good song xenoxx, sounds awesome.


Love the whole song. Makes me feel energetic and calm at the same time. It's definitely FFR-worthy.

By the way, my first review. :)

XenoxX responds:

Thanks for the honor of having you first review lol and well thanks for the review


This is brilliant. Love it!! 10/10 5/5 and downloaded.

XenoxX responds:

Thanks a lot For the review and the download Greatly appreciated

ahh..... great and relaxing

i love it

XenoxX responds:

Lol that's what I was going for lol Great And relaxing...And well for people to say they love it... Thanks for the review