Reviews for ".X. Welcome To The Matrix"

freakin blew my mind

i knew there would be a more amazing track than paragons and looks like i found it nice job 5/5 10/10 congrats and ill do the same thing like bob everyone in my neighborhood shall here this keep it up

XenoxX responds:

lol Well I hope the neighbors like it as well... And thanks for the review!!!!!


i have never seen a better music than on newgrounds i love this song and i love the people who spend time to make these for people like me to enjoy. so props to you my friend ill make shure my neighbors have this stuck in thier heads by then end of the night!

XenoxX responds:

lol WOOT!!!! Thanks lol!!

Well done

10/10 Review
5/5 Vote

Well put together with smooth transitions between the different rhythm lines, and fairly original beat to it. Its good to see that indie trance isn't dead with more composers that can put music together at this quality would bring more people to enjoy Trace for what it really is that being put off by some of the horrible main stream trance.

XenoxX responds:

Thanks for the review YAY!!!!!!!

right on, definatley some Skill! 10/10

ding ding! we have a winner!

XenoxX responds:


NICE ! 5/5

Nice 5/5 and 10/10 for me I like the piano In the Beginning a little Shot Though.
Also it sounds nice on a loop

XenoxX responds:

Thanks for the review!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!