Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"

Here's the story.....

Dude this ad was fukin sweet!
make another and hit me back At Lil_Flash89@sbcglobal.net

P.S. Vdog you are a dumb ass you dumb shit it said it was fake at the end FAG


pretty kewl i liked it it was funny could be better however i am a fan of zipperfish

wow percing a nipple must be GREAT

shit id do it if i had titties and they gave me some of the michael jackson jesus juice!! Whats the number for the infomercial to call i want it


it was good but this shit is on the front page way to long. it was good though.

keep it up P.S. yaafm is so tight......

-Blue Vein Special-

Nice job

Great infomercial, if you find one offering janet herself be sure to let me know.