Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"

Yet another great movie

Yet another great submission by Walrus.. Artwork was flawless.. Sound was great.. Humor had just enough gutter-esque qualities to make me laugh. And the Jesus Juice? Classic! I nearly lost it there man.. Perfect addition..

And remember kids.. If Jesus drinks it.. It MUST be good for you..

ohh yeah

I too want to be Titastic with Tittazzler!!!

I like it

That was great. i think that was the funniest thing i've seen all day

My god, you are always on top of things!!

Such wit, such abrasiveness, such social comentary.....you are one of my favourite comedians! Keep the good stuff coming, and God bless zipperfish for featuring you!!

Your the best fish!

All your moives are great!