Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"


My god, that was funny. (so that's what she had "on") ^_^

I loved the commercial

You must watch alot of late night infomercials. I especially love the part of the offer of throwing out the Jesus Juice for free, I LMFAO, and I love your Y.A.A.F.M. series. Can't wait to see some new animations. When I do make to level 30 and if you still animate, I'll do all I can to protect your shit from being Blamed. Keep up the good work.


Great Shit. nothing more to say than Great.

That was great

That was great, and I say anything from The Walrus is great I give you my 5. Walrus you rule, All of his stuff is great and I can't wait until Your a F*cking Moron 9

Fuckin funny!

man your movies are always so fuckin funny i love ur work on Y.A.A.F.M ceep it up.