Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"


Not too bad... The music was a little annoying cause of the looping, but you did good overall. Problem is there are gonna be a shitload of flashes with Janet Jackson's nipple soon probably. Good job though!

very nice

this clip is very thing that i was hopeing for...inculeding a shot of jets nipples

It was pretty funny but.......

It would have been a better "You're a Fucking Moron" Be sure to get one out on Janet for pretty much ruining the Super Bowl and the PATRIOTS victory

The-WalrusZ responds:

I like to space out the YAAFM series. People are already saying it's repetitive. To me that's like saying Dateline or The Nightly News is repetitive.

Lmao well funny

lol man dat waz well funny. I might buy wanna dem lmao. lol dat jesus juce waz fuuny aswell its what he uses on da kids when he wants 2 pull. nice 1 m8.