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Reviews for "The Jordan Show Ep.1"

Heh heh eh? Heh!

Nice. I see where you began, (Is that a real word?)
Anyways, yar still on my fav artist list,
hmmmm.... Weird I never seen this one until now.

Imagine that!?

Tighten it up

I like the style of humor you showed here, but the akward pauses tended to be a bit too long, and not very akward. This would be a minor complaint, except that there were so many of them.

Jordanog responds:

yeah, I know, man. I wanted to scare everyone with the first "mmm parfait." but then later i guess i just wanted to make it longer without drastically increasing the file size.


must be an inside joke thing...unfortunately, most of your audience isn't in on it.

sound is really uneven, and when my roomate is trying to sleep and i keep having to adjust the volume as to not wake him up, it's annoying.

whatever, do your own thing. i'll bet your friends like it.

Jordanog responds:

you, sir, are the smartest man alive


made me laugh...
not really very good, you really need to get a better mic or something.
u got skill, but can you use it?
if you want...

Jordanog responds:

Thanks man... you're out of the club. jk. thanks for the honesty. I don't know what the mic's deal is. it's kinda anal. almost as anal as my first few reviewers...

i do not a like it (read in scottish)

ay thort it was totally crap me wee lass cood make a beetar flash den dat yay bunch a ameturs

Jordanog responds:

I'm not a bunch of people (read in english). Go fuck yourself.