Reviews for "Rose At Midnight"

Well that's what I call, EPIC!

you are a strike force heroes songs god bro 5/5 and a brofist

You are an RPG music GOD. I can't remember the name of the first Flash game I heard this in, but it was an RPG game obviously inspired by the Mother games, used as the regular battle theme. I would actually like to use your Rose songs for the Final Fantasy tabletop game I'm running.

really nice song you made, funnies part is all song is start with "rose". why did you pick it for the songs' names

I'm planning to make a video game, and the Rose series will be perfect for the Boss themes. These are the second best boss themes (The first being Open Your Heart, and that's from Sonic so I can't use that :C)

When I first encountered the tracks, MY MIND EXPLODED. It was being fed a Music Sandwich.

I swear, this is better than 90's GRUNGE!