Reviews for "Rose At Midnight"

Reminds me of Megaman every time I listen to it.

I don't know why, but it reminds me of Megaman music. I like that one part where it makes the notes rise in pitch really fast. It was around a minute and 43 seconds in. For the entire song, I sit there waiting for that part to happen. XD

Good job, good job.

If my life had a final boss battle...

... this song would be the fighting theme.



nice :D

been listening through your tracks once i saw that you had made Still Blastin. im liking what im hearing :) you make some nifty boss battle tracks. good for conquering essays and other things :P gotta say the looping in this song IS fantastic, you can hardly hear the splicing :) pretty awesome mate, keep it up!

uuuh not wat i thought XD

uh this song remeinds me of this nintindo game i thing the dudes name was captain falcon you sould look it up