Reviews for "Rose At Midnight"


You are the Master of Epic Music!

This wasn't so good

Somehow, this is junk when compared to your masterpieces like Still Blastin' and Rose at Meridiem.

Very rarely do I hear such an epic composition.

I hear a lot of what NG has to offer in the Audio Portal, but I have to say, this really captured my attention. It kept me going throught about 6 runs through before I realized that I listened to it 6 times through. The beat is fast paced and exciting, and would very well work for an epic RPG-esque boss fight. Or any sort of epic last fight. What this made me feel, what picture I formed while listening to this: I look to my left, right, see my closest friends smiling and ready. This is a suicide mission. There will be no backing out, no hope of survival. But it will be the final hurdle before the land is freed from darkness. And so we push on. We embrace death as an ally, as we lead the evil figure towards it. We will not make it. Thus, we go as far as we can before we go out! We will take you out with us!......gosh, I have a very vivid image from just listening to the music. Kudos to you!


Hint: The whole damn song.

I liked the part where is sounded awesome.

Reminds me of Megaman every time I listen to it.

I don't know why, but it reminds me of Megaman music. I like that one part where it makes the notes rise in pitch really fast. It was around a minute and 43 seconds in. For the entire song, I sit there waiting for that part to happen. XD

Good job, good job.