Reviews for "Rose At Midnight"

I certainly can see this one being used in a battle theme, and I also see some Dimrain47 style notes/melodies, which makes a song amazing.

LOL, I can't believe this song has been used in freaking 15 total flash entries. XD

I only heard this song in TCT RPG, that cute but weird EarthBound parody. ^^; (If EarthBound wasn't weird enough, the main girl has synthesia or whatever where she sees colors in numbers and letters, which TCT stands for The Color Tuesday. ^^; Interesting and fun game though. :p)

It's funny, lately I've been liking some songs more than the content of the game it's in... and for Newgrounds, the songs can literally be used in multiple things. :? So that's interesting. ^^;

I wonder if there's any flashes that empathize how good the song is more than where I've heard it from or what it was originally in...

*feels like figth againts my own spirit with epic mode,none who will win* I feel my power,thx for the great song :D

I didn't even notice it looped and accidentally left it one for two hours straight. Now it's stuck in my head and I can't get rid of iiit ;-;

Zebron you ever played a game called Strike Force Heroes. This song brings me baco to that game. Would play it hours on end and I would do the same with this song