Reviews for "what the people want"

Thank you Jim.

I like the cut of your jib.

hahahaha :D

good god sir you're brilliant. That was hilarious


You've got to be my favorite flash artist of all time. I don't know exactly what is so brilliant about you, but brilliant you are. You are far too underrated.

Yeah, you're my favorite too, Jimmy.

There is bound to be some chuckles when reading through the reviews of this movie. First of all, let me explain this to the "youngsters":

The graphics gets a 10, not because of flashy animation or drawing, but because it is the perfect way to accompany the speech. Don't you see that this guy is trying his best to give you what you want, but still only toots some lousy gundam pictures and ugly tits etc? It all makes it just so out_of_this _world hysterical.
So, graphics = 10. It's perfect.

About the style; I sincerely doubt that NG has ever seen a movie like this. This one has style in every pixel. Makes you feel good just thinking of it.
Naturally, style = 10.

Sound. The best part. I don't know how you do it Jimmy, but you've got some little actor in there somewhere. Every tone in your voice is just so perfect. I can't stress this enough. "Keanu Reeves....from The Matrix" <- great example. The pauses, the attitude, the silent exitement from a man trying his best. Priceless.
Sound = 10, minimum.

I'll just vrooom past violence & interactivity...

...wich brings us to the key element, the core, the matrix..if you wish:


By now you'll probably understand my passion for this flash, and if you acctually read those lines above, you'll already be able to forsee my enterpretation of the humor here. Yeah it rocks. It rocks bigtime. Does it make you laugh? You bet your nutsack it does. Hell, bet three. It's just about the funniest thing I've seen here, except maybe for "my favorite reviews 1&2" plus "DBZ in a Nutshell".

I will damn near aknowledge the existance of god, the day I see a sequal to either this one or "my favorite reviews".

Jim Ether. Oh, so horny. Me love you longtime.

That was EXACTLY what I wanted!

Somebody really needed to say everything you did, and it was done perfectly. It was funny, the pictures you used were good quality, the animation you did was well done. I don't know if that as your voice, but great job on the reading if that was you! Hopefully everyone can learn something from this flash.