Reviews for "what the people want"

Loved it!!

This was soo funny, lol.Hahahahahahaha.

well done

i liked it alot lol i duno why but i did and it was pretty funny well done


It wans't want I was expecting or what I "wanted" but it still was entertaining for a movie that could of talken you a half and hour to create. I guessing you've been suppressing a lot towards the net community. What a simplitstic and effective way of getting your message across. Anyway I gave it a 7 for the GUNS!!! I really liked those guns you showed up on the screen. That made my day!!

Everythings there

In this one, tiny flash I got to see everything I wanted to see, more women would have been nice, but that might be overkill.

Do I sence some bitterness?

Guess you must of gotten bad reveiws or something. This was a creative way of going about flaming your critics so I give you a 10 for style and a five for a vote.