Reviews for "what the people want"


I have to love it, It has everything I could want in a flash movie.


That was surprisingly funny. I don't know what it was I just liked it for some reason...

oh dear jim...

look man I'm new to this site but I went off and saw a load of you're other stuff before reviewing this and there's some funny stuff there, and I appreciate the attempt at a satirical backlash you've made but you just came across bitter and grumpy. I hope its a passing thing and you get back to you're previous quality of work.

Jim Ether, you're my hero.

Please sex me now.

You Do know what I want

Wow you know me so well, I like everything you said. Nice animation but I have one suggestion you shuold have a pic at the beggining while your just talking because at first I thougt this was going to be all talk and almost closed the window.