Reviews for "what the people want"


You sexy bitch, you tease just come over and take me now.

Nice work.

Hell Yeah!

Good ol' spiteful Jimmy, I missed ya buddy! ^_=


LOLOLOLOL.... another!.. another MASTERPIECE!

All of your movies rule... they make you laugh, think, and in some cases want to kill things!

Jim, you are officially my favorite artist on Newgrounds... congratz!

So not like you

Your animations sure have changed mr. Ether. Oh my God. It's not bad, the weirdness is still there, but it'd be nicer if it was the way it used to be. Also, why did you change your website from thepaintedwagon.com to thefucksociety.com? Is the Alert still coming? I signed up to get a notification ages ago. WHEN IS IT HERE?


How about some Michael Jackson?

Very well done, i like your humor. It's HA HA funny. I try to go outside of all that mainstream flash..but I'm a crappy artist.

You are great.