Reviews for "Galactic Space Invaders"


Its really boring, but because its rlli simple you can play it for ages i think.

Space invaders always has bored me quick.

I'd suggest gun upgrades to give this game a huge burst of life.

that was fun

I love space invaders this one was good but it was too easy and I got bored after a while

Very Nice

I think u did a great job. Space invaders was one of my favorite games as a kid. Thank you for bringing it back. With all the new stuff, nobody plays the old games anymore. I love the classics. FURBY FAILS AT LIFE!!

Might have been original a long time ago

Every arcade game from the early 80's and backwards has been done to death on Newgrounds, including Space Invaders (oh god no!). Looks nicer than most, but as usual, it's unoriginal.
I never really liked Space Invaders anyway.
A good clone, but as usual, very pointless.

XSDSX responds:

True that.