Reviews for "Galactic Space Invaders"

its k

it was an alright game, but it really lacked originality.

I enjoyed it

but it would be better if it had a boss battle or something.You should also have some mini games and bonus levels were you can get more points.

A good solid gaming experience.

Well done. I liked this version of Space Invaders. The classic sounds were pretty nostalgic and a nice touch too.

This was definitely laggy on my PII 300, but not so much as to be unplayable. I don't suppose a "change quality" option would fix that either. I'm guessing it's more of an issue with running a lot of Actionscript than the number of clips on the screen.

Keep up the good work. Oh and let me know if you figure out how to get high score lists working on Newgrounds. My game, "Lander II - Lunar Rescue", has that problem as well. :-(

XSDSX responds:

Yes, I have no idea why Newgrounds prohibits the access of a remote server, it makes no sense. My only possible reasoning is that they have some sort of firewall that prevents this. I'm probably completely off, but I still can't see why it shouldn't work. By the way, Lunar II is and excellent game, very well done. A lot better than mine :)

Classic stuff

I like the new visuals; generally I don't like Space Invader clones. I was a little eager to see the score board, but like you said, it wasn't working; I wanted to see how my 47k pts measured up :P Anyways, good job on the game, I liked it.

Might have been original years ago

Every arcade game from the early 80's and backwards has been done to death on Newgrounds - including Space Invaders. Looks nicer than most but it's unoriginal, and I never really liked Space Invaders anyway. A faithful clone, but a bit pointless.