Reviews for "Galactic Space Invaders"


Nice job really fun re-creation. It was fun and the sounds were really good too. Nice job.

Not bad

It isn't origional, but it's good. Enough for a 2... but not a 3.

Lookin' good !

I haven't commented before on these Space Invader clones, there are quite a few of them in Flash now. But one thing that never seems to be done correctly is the movement of the Invaders.

They don't all move at one time, in the original Space Invaders, they each move one step at a time one right after the other and then repeats to start over again.

Excellent artwork for the original invaders, tank, and saucer.

Good job on usage of raw key searches instead of normal key reading. :)


atari relived!!!

increase rate of fire and over all game speed, but more on firing. looks real good!! keep up the work!

Attack of the Clones

I don't really see why people feel the need to clone old games. Especially games which have already been cloned--in flash--about a couple hundred or so times. In my mind, if you're going to clone something, the least you could do is add some new features/abilities/what-have-you to make it the tiniest sliver more interesting than the other hundred clones out there. You didn't do that. But the graphics weren't as terrible as some, so, 3.