Reviews for "Galactic Space Invaders"


This is by far the best Space Invaders on NG. It can get very addicting. You should do some other older arcade games. My high score is 11920 right now.


ahhh..12980 points before i was annihillated...oh well....DO GALAGA!!!!

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Alright flash worth trying out.

With a little work it could be good, upgrade movement speed and the shooting speed and change the look of the enemy plains instead of each level fighting the same things. Gets repetive fast got to like the 3rd level and quit playing.

'twas alright.

I was kinda hoping for some variation on the theme rather than just another re-hash.

The problem with Space Invaders is that a) it's too monotonous b) it's been done too many times before, making it even less interesting to play and c) because so many of us have played it so many times, those earlier stages are just a bore to play unless there's something different going on.

Disregarding that, I didn't like the way you have the invaders start a little lower each time - once they start right at your defences, it seems a tad unfair when you get such a stupidly small amount of time to dodge bullets.

You can actually do high score on NG, btw (since from a previous review it sounds as if you may think you can't).

XSDSX responds:

You can, can you? Too bad you didn't included an actual example of this somewhere on the site, because every high score board I've seen doesn't work.