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Reviews for "NG Army: Recruitment"

Improoving required

Better graphics, little more moving around, better voice acting, (you said it yourself it was badly done) and maybe something a little more interesting then what you already got. It's pretty crappy but has potential to be good.

paulz-69 responds:

yeah it was a bit quick and plain. i'll be taking my time on future animations though. I more or less spent a week on this. (mostly drawing for this flash and the next)

Not bad, but a little confusing

im sorry, but that just didnt make much sense to me...maybe its because i couldnt hear the audio too well or something but other than that it was ok. It really didnt have a point but im sure the next episode will be good

paulz-69 responds:

I will be including captions on the next movie. Thanks for the review, it helps.

needs some work

and why did you show strawberry_clock i know he's not in the NG army

paulz-69 responds:

I showed Strawberry, pm, and Foamy not cuz they'll in the Army but cuz they are is flashes that come out of the Portal all the time. Just keepin it real.


Improvements in that it needed a preloader. It wsn't really a game or a movie, was it?

paulz-69 responds:

The preloader ended up not quite working the way it was supposed to.

pretty good!

it was pretty good u got my protection point

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks Pickled_Onion