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Reviews for "NG Army: Recruitment"

Nice movie, man!

I really liked the whole idea!Nice work paulz!And since I am a member of NG Army this Flash was even more pleasent to watch.....Can't wait till the next one!

paulz-69 responds:

Thank man, i'm puttin a lot of effort in my next one so it should be good. Thanks for the review.

NG Army, eh? Sound's wicked cool!

First off it is nice to see that some artists care enough to write responces to reviews (sometimes I feel like the ones I write are just falling on deaf ears). Thanks for giving us the curtiousy of both recognizing our efforts and helping US be better reviewers (via explanations of the issues we comment on ^-^).

Well this flash had some ups and downs (and might I add that for a first flash this was really quite impressive!). Lets break it down.

Graphics: Pretty good, particularly so in backgrounds (loved the headquarters and the bitchin' logo for the NG Army.). Some of the moving pieces needed work. In particular the...senior general I guess YOUR character was responding to (movements were to stiff, even for such a simple model). Also the portal (cool idea by the way) was kinda sloppily drawn (again, first flash so I more than understand). However I was really impressed with your characters appearance and movement (you obviously spent alot of time on him, and it shows). Also the guitar guy looked pretty cool (as did the armory! ^-^).
Sound: Voices were a bit to forced at times, but they were crisp and intelligable (I would've obscured their voices each time a mortar shell went off outside, but that's just me). The dialogue was ok, but I was hoping for more action for a recruitment video (I site the old Blam Club's "All Your Base" recruitment video). The music was absolutely superb, but hey anytime you use Evil-Dog's stuff you can't go wrong ( Evil-Dog Rocks!).
Premise: Wasn't very flashy, but it got the message across: check out the NG Army...we protect NG. Just enough to get people to explore the thread (hopefully I'm saying that right...I don't know jack about the BBC system).

Overall I thought it was a competant flash that if nothing else has piqued my interest about what you guys do for NG. Maybe I'll look you guys up.

Nice job and hope you keep making flashes!

P.S. I've always thought of making a flash of an ultimate showdown between all the forces of NG and an unholy alliance of every major company that's tried to kill the site...the possibilities are limitless...

If you ever make a huge battle flash akin to that, two suggestions: make a hunter/killer special ops. squad made up of Pico, Alien Homenid, and the shotgun-toting "Assasin" guy. And for the eventual victory music, use Evil-Dog's "Metal Frenzy". Good luck and may the NG Army never die! ^-^

paulz-69 responds:

Wow, thanks for this great review. I hadn't come up with a standard setting for fps which is why I left it at the preset of 12fps. This accounts for a lot of the choppyness issues. It was really brief because in retrospect i didn't plan it out very well. The tweening was horrendious but at the time that was the best i could do.

The next Army flash which is advertised at the end will be better as a result of all the helpful reviews i recieved in my early flash and my growing skills as an animator. It will also include many of the factions of NG on a battlefield, it should be a lot of fun.

Thanks again for the review and i'll check of Evil-Dog's "Metal Frenzy", i love that guy's music.

*snore*... huh over allready

well... um... boring, and, um, retarded.

paulz-69 responds:

Yeah it was my first animation and was rather quick as i was meeting a deadline. As for being boring, well it kinda is.

I will account the retarded statement as something a 15 yr old n00b of NG would say. I see you've only been a NG member for 2 weeks so i'll cut you some slack. I wouldn't post things like that in reviews though, it could get you banned especially since reviews are meant for constructive criticism.

It was alright.

A good advert for the army. I am looking forward to the next episode. I liked the dragon_lock character the best.

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks man, I'm working on the next one now.

Nice Recruiting ad.

For a quick work, that was good. Could have raised the FPS a bit but it was good. Your guys club is known quite active from what I oberserved and I appreciate what you guys are doing. Going against those bad submission and protecting Newgrounds, (in a way).

Hope to see a revamped version of this ad next time, and Go NG Army!!

paulz-69 responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm currently working on revamping it a little in the problem area's. I'll hopefully have that up by this weekend. I'll see what i can do about adding background music as well a adjust the audio settings to make the voice at the very end audible.